Listen Loudly; Speak softly
-My name is Bri, and there is no other like me.
-I'm Eighteen, and currently with someone whom is my idea of perfection, his name is Shane Miller<3.
- I don't strive for perfection in the eyes of others; but my own.
-I live off my own views, I live off my own words. I'm an open book, don't bother looking hard, what you see is what you get. -I'm my deepest at my worst, but enjoyable yet shallow at my best.
-Feel free to embrace it. I'm sociable, feel free to make a new friend. (:
-Camera whore. Cats. Love. Scenic sex. Romance. Kenneth Nixon. Drugs. Singers. People. Kittens. Romance. Weird. Beauty. Animals. Scene. Emotional. Life. Makeup. Tights. Boys. Talking.
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sex is so weird like hey i love you let me stick my hard extra limb into ur tiny hole and then slam it into u repeatedly because i love you

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